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Glamour Cakes, Eric Lanlard
  • Unique designs
  • Includes 'gateux' style cakes
  • Brillant recipes

As the title suggests, this is a beautiful book with plenty of photo’s , simple layout and step by step pictures.


It includes some nice basic tips and techniques on covering, finishing and stacking cakes as well as some delicious recipes. The book covers making and decorating celebration cakes especially cakes which are unique and elegant. The recipes and cakes in this book also include more ‘gateaux’ style cakes such as the delicious looking ‘cherry envelope’; a modern white chocolate marquise cake with fresh cherries enveloped in white chocolate and finished with fresh cherries. The book has a wide range of styles, from detailed and intricate designs to simple but elegant, as well as a variety of style of cake such as individual cakes to multi layer. This is a lovely book, and provides some great inspiration, but if you are a beginner don’t expect this book to be a guide to all that is cake decorating and some of the cakes would require someone with cake decorating experience, but either way it will get your creative juices flowing!