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Using Cake Dowels and Pillars
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Top 10 Pieces of Cake Decorating Equipment
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Top 10 Flower & Leaf Sugarpaste Cutters
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Child's Play: Simple Cake Decorating Ideas for Kids
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How to Create Beautiful Edible Roses
in techniques and handy tips
Beginners Guide to Cake Toppers
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50 Easy Party Cakes by Debbie Brown

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Cake Decorating Equipment Guides & Techniques

Using Cake Dowels and Pillars

A simple guide to using dowels and pillars to stack cakes, including a list of equipment that you'll need

Top 10 Pieces of Cake Decorating Equipment

A guide to the Top 10 pieces of equipment for the cake decorating beginner or novice.

Top 10 Flower & Leaf Sugarpaste Cutters

A guide to the most useful leaf and flower cutters for use with sugarpaste and florist paste.

How to Create Beautiful Edible Roses

A guide to making beautiful but simple edible roses from sugarpaste

Beginners Guide to Cake Toppers

A beginner's guide to the range and variety of cake toppers and decorations available, and how they can be used

Words of Wisdom: Writing on Cakes

A look at what options are available for adding text and writing onto cakes such as using cutters

How to Store Sugarpaste

A useful guide on the Do's & Dont's of storing leftover sugarpaste as well as sugarpaste items

Covering a Cake with Royal Icing

A simple guide to covering cakes with Royal Icing including equipment list and recipe

Beginners Guide to Royal Icing

Beginner's guide to making and using Royal Icing including how to pipe shells, borders etc

Beginners Guide to Modelling Tools

An overview of the different types of modelling tools available and what they are used for

Modelling Pastes Explained

An overview of the main modelling mediums that can be used in cake decorating & sugarcraft

Cake Stencilling

How to use and apply cake stencils to decorate cake and cupcakes

Stacking Cakes

A guide on the equipment needed and instructions on how to stack wedding cakes and other cakes

Beginners Guide to Piping Icing

I describe the basic of piping icing and the types of different nozzle

How to Make a Simple Figure From Marzipan

Tips on modelling figures with marzipan including information on making a human figure

Guide to Different Cake Coverings

Guide to the various types of coverings and pastes available to cake decorators

Covering a Cakeboard with Sugarpaste

I describe how you cover a cakeboard with sugarpaste to give a smooth professional finish

Making a Cornflower Dusting Bag

We show you how to make a simple and cheap dusting bag

Covering a Cake With Sugarpaste or Marzipan

Detailed guide on the best way to cover a cake with either sugarpaste or marzipan

10 Tips for Baking the Perfect Sponge Cake

I give you my top ten tips for creating an amazing sponge cake!

Cake Baking Essential Equipment

Before you decorate cake you'll need to bake them! I give my list of essential equipment for cake baking






A beginner's guide to equipment and tools

This guide is designed to help people new to cake decorating and sugarcraft with the equipment available and what you need to get started. Easily downloadable so you can print it off and use as a checklist / aide memoir. And of course completely free!


Tips and trade secrets

A selection of handy, tried and tested, tips and techniques to save you time, energy and money.