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Cake Decorating Equipment for Beginners

"You really don’t need that much equipment to start cake decorating. The basics that you’ll need are a cake pan (cake tin), non-stick rolling pin, cake smoother and palette knife plus a few other items, depending on what you would like to do such as piping work or modelling figurines."

These items can all be picked up easily from any cake decorating shop or some good kitchen craft shops. There are of course plenty of online cake supplies that can be found in our suppliers section.

Below is a list of other equipment you may found useful and what you would use it for:


Ball tool: use for modelling shapes, flowers, leaves or figures. Often used to soften edges of leaves and petals to give a ruffled, natural shape. Cutters: come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes such as geometric, numbers/alphabets, petals, flowers and leaves.
Cake board: also referred to as cake drums, these thick foil coated cards make an attractive base to your cake and can be edged with ribbon to coordinate with your cake. Cake boards should be 3” larger than your cake and come in gold or silver and a wide variety of sizes and shapes. Colour pastes: a thick paste colour used for colouring sugarpaste or royal icing, marzipan or buttercream that comes in a wide variety of colours. Use sparingly as a little goes a long way!
Food dusts and glitters: use a paintbrush to either dust on dry to add colour or mix with alcohol and use as a ‘paint’ to add effects and detail to cakes.

Dowels: available in plastic or wood, these ‘sticks’ are used to support and or separate stacked cakes which can be cut to size.
Cake wire: used to easily slice your cake in two.

Piping tubes (nozzles): come in a wide range of sizes and shapes such as star, shell, frill and writing tubes.
Piping bags: use with the piping tubes to pipe royal icing.
Rolling pins: non stick and available in a variety of lengths. Cake smoother: smoothes and ‘polishes’ the surface of the covered cake to give it a smooth finish.
Turntable: lifts and turns your cake to help you decorate the sides and top easier.
Cel stick: a really useful tool with a pointed end used for modelling shapes, flower, figures etc.
Cocktail sticks: really handy to have around especially for adding colour paste to royal icing or sugarpaste.
Crimpers: these metal, tweezer like, tools come in a variety of designs to create patterns on your cake and board.