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Fairy Cake Topper

The stuff most little girls dream off, our guide will show you step by step how to create a beautiful edible fairy topper for your special little girl’s birthday cake.

Before you start, you’ll need the following equipment: 

  • Sugarpaste (either white or pre-coloured)
  • Sugarflair paste colours – black, paprika/flesh
  • Ball, bone and leaf veining tool
  • Edible glue
  • Clear alcohol (gin or vodka) or a black edible pen
  • Small circular piping tips in two different size (one larger than the other)
  • Cocktail sticks
  • Very fine paint brush
  • Sugarflair dust in white and pink
  • Icing sugar
  • Flower paste (gum)
  • Small rolling pin
  • Single rose petal cutter
  • Edible glitter

It’s best to start by creating the body of your little fairy, and then move onto making its head.  You can make your fairy any size you like, but don’t get too carried away or your fairy won’t be able to hold its own weight.  As each body part is added, just double check your fairy is all in proportion and is in-keeping with the final size you’d like your model to be.

Start by making your fairy’s legs.  Make a ball that is made up of 50% flower paste and 50% sugarpaste and then use a little Sugarflair flesh/paprika paste colour to achieve a flesh shade.  Divide your ball into two.  Start by rolling your mixture out into two chunky little sausage shapes, and then press one end of the sausage shapes down onto a table or mat to flatten it out.  From here use your fingers to mould these flattened ends into little feet.  Keep things simple and don’t start trying to model individual toes!

Next we’re going to move onto making the body of the little fairy.  Take a large piece of the flesh coloured 50/50 mixture and mould a 3D triangle shape, without a sharp point at the top.  Then roll out two smaller sausage shapes to make little arms.  Flatten out one end of each sausage with your fingers to make little hands.  Imagine the end of a wooden spoon and this will give you a good idea of the shape you’re aiming for – although the actual arms themselves will be a bit thicker than the spoons handle!  Use a cocktail stick to make a little thumb.  Just use the point of a cocktail stick to separate a small part of the fondant hand from the rest, then shape it into a little thump and move it away slightly from the main part of the fondant hand.

Now it’s time to start sticking our little fairy together.  Get your edible glue and dab a small amount onto the other ends of your fairy’s feet and hands.  Turn your fairy’s body upside down and stick the ends of her legs onto the body.  Stick your fairy’s legs into position under her body, moulding the modelling mixture on the legs and body together to make your fairy much more solid.  The same goes for the arms.  We’ll come back to the fairy’s body later when we make her a little flower petal outfit.

Right, now onto the head!  Take a small round flesh coloured ball of your mixed modelling paste – this will form your fairy’s head.  Check first that the head is in proportion to the body you’ve just made.  From a ball, roll your paste into a slight cone shape (not too pointy!) – the smaller pointed end is the top of your fairy’s head.  Make a neck out of the larger other end of your cone shape – flattening it and then pulling down a neck shape.

Then use the curved end of your bone tool to shape a more defined chin, pushing upwards from the bottom of the neck to the top.  Define the face a little by stroking downward under the cheekbones with the same tool.

Make a tiny nose with a separate piece of your 50/50 mix paste.  Make a little pear shape and make two holes in it using a cocktail stick.  Use edible glue to stick it in position on your fairy’s face.  Now use either a small ball tool or the handle of a paint brush to make eye sockets.  Softly put pressure onto the paste either side of the bridge of the noise, stroking and smoothing two little eye sockets into place. 

Finally, use a cocktail stick to make a slit where you’d like the fairy’s mouth to be.  Use your leaf veining tool to shape and smooth the slit into a little smiley mouth shape.

Dust your fairy’s cheeks and mouth with a little of your pink dusting power.  If you get a little bit carried away with the pink colour, try adding a little icing sugar or white dusting power to calm things down a bit.  You could even use dusting powder with a little bit of shimmer for extra glam!

Make your fairy’s eyes by cutting two circles from white fondant.  Use the small end of the largest of your piping tips to do it.  Glue them into the eye sockets you’ve just made and flatten them down a little.  Next, use your smaller piping tip and black fondant to cut out smaller circles for the eyes.  Use edible glue to stick them onto the whites of your fairy’s eyes.  Paint a little dot of white dusting powder in the centre of the blacks of your fairy’s eyes – just for a little highlight.

Mix a tiny bit of black sugarfair colouring with a small amount of alcohol to make a liquid you can paint with or you can also use a black edible felt pen.  Using a really small paint brush or your pen, paint or draw little eyelashes onto your fairy and two little arched eyebrows.  Paint or draw around the top of her eyes in a little arch and then add a few feathery eyelashes stretching outwards from the corner of her eyes.

Now it’s time to put your little fairy together!  Push a cocktail stick into the top of your fairy’s body – where the centre of the neck will be.  Depending on how big your fairy is you might need to break your cocktail stick in two.  Then carefully and gently slide your fairy’s head onto her body.  Mould the fairy’s neck and head together as best you can – you could always make a necklace made out of tiny little balls of sugarpaste to hide any little flaws.  Reshape any parts of the head and body that have been squashed a little.  Now leave your fairy to dry overnight before making her lovely hair and outfit.

The next day, decide what colour(s) you’d like your fairy’s dress to be and cut little petals using a single rose petal cutter out of finely rolled flower paste.  We recommend using flower paste here and not the 50/50 mixture you used earlier.  Stick the flower petals point up onto your fairy’s body with edible glue to make a little flower petal dress. 

Now onto the hair.  Take sugarpaste in your chosen colour and make lots of very tiny little thin sausage shapes.  Use either edible glue or thick royal icing to stick them one by one onto your fairy’s head, starting with the hair that frames her face and working backwards.  You can even make shorter strands to frame her face and sprinkle a little edible glitter over her lovely locks!

Now that your fairy is complete, all you need to do is let her dry out before you pop her onto the birthday cake.  Any little girl is sure to be delighted with her very own handmade sugar fairy adorning her cake!