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Easy Christening Cake

A simple sugar model, such as baby booties or a teddy bear, can transform your cake into a stunning centrepiece at the Christening. You can easily adapt the design for a boy or girl by changing the colours and ribbons that you use.

Once you have covered your cake in sugarpaste, take your ribbon and wrap it around the bottom of the cake, securing it at the back with a dab of royal icing or edible glue. Make sure your ribbon join is at the back!

The gumpaste bow needs time to set so it is best to make this first. Colour up some gumpaste to match the ribbon around the cake using gel or paste food colours. Roll it out until it is around 1mm thick and cut a long strip about 4cm wide. Neaten the ends with a sharp knife then take one end and fold it into the middle. Repeat with the other end so that they join in the middle. You can secure them with some edible glue if you think they need it. Cut a narrower strip of gumpaste to go round the centre of the bow. Pinch the gumpaste together where the ends join then wrap the narrower piece around the middle and secure at the back with some edible glue.

Leave the bow to dry for a couple of hours or ideally overnight. If you want to create a little more volume in the two loops of the bow, roll up a sheet of kitchen towel, cut it in half and gently push each piece into the loops of the bow.

Next you will need to make the booties as they also need to dry out. Draw out a template like the one on the right and cut out the pieces. Roll out some sugarpaste until it is about 2mm thick and cut out two soles with a sharp knife using the template. Leave them to dry for an hour.

Roll out some gumpaste until it is about 1mm thick and cut out two top pieces with a sharp knife using the template. Brush around the edge of the soles with some edible glue then wrap the top piece around the sole until the two short edges meet at the back. You will need to jig the pieces around and mould them with your fingers to get the shape as you want it. Repeat with the other bootie. Leave them to dry for an hour or so.

Cut out a little flower shape from some of the leftover pink gumpaste and make two small bows out of some thin pink ribbon. Attach the tiny flowers and bows to the booties using edible glue.

Next you need to make the disc for the little booties to sit on. Colour some sugarpaste to match the gumpaste bow using gel or paste colours. Add a little colour at a time – you can always add more but it isn’t so easy to take it away! Once you have got the right colour, roll out the sugarpaste to about 3mm thick and cut out a circle using a large circle cutter (approximately 10cm in diameter).

Fix the circle to the top of the cake using some edible glue or boiled water. Attach the booties in the same way and fix the bow to the front of the cake – royal icing is probably better than edible glue at securing it.

Now your cake is all ready, you can pipe a name or message on it if you wish using some coloured royal icing.