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Child's Play: Simple Cake Decorating Ideas for Kids

Kids love nothing more than getting their hands dirty and helping out in the kitchen so let them be involved with cake making and decorating to make the most of their creativity and imagination.

There are loads of ways to get children taking part in baking without too much fuss or mess. Breaking eggs may not be the best part of cake making to let them have a go at, but when it comes to mixing and taste testing there are no better helpers!

Once cakes are made kids can really go wild with the decorating, just be sure to have plenty of supplies to account for the ones that don’t make it on to the cakes. With everything from edible colourings to sprinkles and shaped candles for the finishing touch, there is no end of wonderful cakes your kids can make.

The best cake decorations for kids

Cake decorating with children should be simple and involve a range of products to ensure they see great results quickly and easily. Avoid trying to do anything too complicated and don’t try to insist they stick to a specific design - let them have a go with all the different cake decorating tools and products.

Start off by giving them a rolling pin, some pre-coloured sugar paste icing or modelling paste and a few simple tools including shape cutters and a plastic knife and see what they come up with. Suggest they make animals or flowers or cut out shapes to make a pattern or write their name on the cake. These creations can be easily stuck on to the cake with a little melted chocolate or a dab of water.

For writing on cakes, kids can try the easy pipe cake decorating set. They press the stamp wherever they want the message, creating an indent in the icing, then fill it in with melted chocolate or some cupcake decoration sprinkles or cake dagrees. You could also let them loose with a featherweight icing bag and decorating tip, just be prepared for some of the icing to go straight into mouths and don’t expect a legible message if your child doesn’t get the hang of squeezing the bag carefully!

The easiest way for kids to write on to cakes is with edible colouring pens. These allow your little Mozarts to draw straight on to the icing just as if they were drawing on paper. Another method of decorating they will soon get to grips with is using a paintbrush to add on some shimmer dust, sparkles or edible liquid colour, giving them even more scope to decorate a cake exactly as they want.

Using ready made toppers for kids cake decorating

If time is of the essence when decorating a cake with the kids and you want to avoid as much mess as possible, use some ready-made toppers and decorations. Cover the cake with ready coloured sugar paste icing and give them a selection of cake decoration kits, cake toppers and candles to work their magic. There are pre-made toppers for all occasions, including footballs, butterflies and flowers and number or letter candles can add the personalisation without the need to perfect icing a message.