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Beginners Guide to Piping Icing

"The most basic tool needed for cake decorating is of course the piping bag used for decorating. The piping bag holds the icing that will be used in transforming a basic cake into a work of art. However, although you may have the piping bag without the proper accessories itís not of very much help. This is where an assortment of piping nozzles can come in handy; just make certain you have the appropriate nozzle adaptor for each one."

Each nozzle has a different shape at its end which allows you the ability to create different shapes and designs with your icing. Combining these nozzles along with a few simple swirls and twists can transform a simple glob of icing into an amazing shape for decorating, but only with steadiness and practice.

Basic Piping Nozzles

Although there are many piping nozzles available in order to learn the basics of utilizing the piping bag and nozzles it is best if you start with the basic nozzles. There are two basic piping nozzles that are a must when you begin; the nozzle with the round hole, the hole does come in different sizes, and the C shaped nozzle. While there are many other shapes it is best if you master the basics with these two before tackling any others. Just remember, it's much easier to learn a step at a time then it is to try and do everything at one time.

Round Hole Nozzle

The most basic form of decoration would be the straight line; this is also the easiest one made. By utilizing the piping nozzle with the round hole (you can get different size holes for different sizes of lines) you simple run a straight line of icing around your cake giving it a border effect, this particular nozzle can also be used to create a simple dot. A few practice runs with this tip might encourage you to find new designs and become bolder in your decorating.

Swirled C Nozzle

The next nozzle resembles a swirled C. This nozzle can be used to create a shell shape with your icing. This is where the swirls and twists will come into practice, simply allow the icing to flow and lift the tip slightly upward and quickly down to break the flow of icing, this creates a shell effect with the icing. This nozzle can also be used to create a scrolling effect in your decorating.

Other Nozzles

There are many other nozzles that can be used to create several effects and styles. Roses, flowers and many more effects can be achieved with the proper piping nozzle with a bit of dedicated practice. Many find it best to start with a beginnerís kit when they purchase their piping bag and piping nozzles. With just a little patience, practice and the right tools, as well as he desire to master the techniques used, developing the ability to decorate a cake as beautifully as any professional is not an unobtainable goal. Imagine the fun you can have in practicing your new found art.