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Cake Stencilling

"Cake stencilling is becoming increasingly popular and there is a growing range of cake stencils becoming available, especially online. Whether you are looking to decorate cupcakes, cookies or larger celebration cakes, there is bound to be a cake stencil and technique that will be perfect for you."

One of the simplest ways of using a cake stencil is to simply dust with icing sugar or cocoa powder. This is really effective just to jazz up your everyday, uniced sponge cake for a special teatime. Simply place the stencil on the top of your cake where you want the pattern and sprinkle icing sugar or cocoa powder over using a fine sieve or sugar shaker. Simple, but very effective. This technique is also great for adding a pattern to chocolate brownies and cupcakes.

You can use royal icing with your stencil to add a pattern to the top or sides of your cakes. It is best to stencil onto a cake which had been iced and left to harden for a day or so. Simply mix up the coloured royal icing you require, secure the stencil in place using small dabs of royal icing (matching the cake icing colour) or a special stencil fixing kit, then apply the royal icing over the stencil smoothing with a palette knife or cake decorating scraper. Remove the stencil carefully and leave to dry.

Lustre dust is an edible shiny powder that can be used to decorate cakes and cupcakes and is ideal to use with stencils. It can either be dusted on dry using a food safe paintbrush or mixed with some rejuvenator spirit or clear alcohol to make a ‘paint’. It is best to use this method on cakes and cupcakes that have been covered in sugar paste.

If you happen to own airbrushing equipment then you can also use this with your cake stencils. It is perfect for experimenting with different colours, shades and layering up colours. Be careful that you only spray the bit that you want though!

Cake stencils can also be used with chocolate to add a chocolate pattern on top of a solid chocolate surface. Your chocolate will need to be liquid enough to spread over the stencil but not so hot it melts the solid chocolate surface underneath! This would be ideal for making pretty chocolate cupcake toppers.

By using your cake stencil as a template with an edible pen or scribing tool you can use it to make an outline, which can then be used as a guide for piping the pattern with royal icing. Make sure the cake covering (either royal icing or sugar paste) has had time to harden before trying to pipe onto it.