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Top 10 Flower & Leaf Sugarpaste Cutters

Sugarpaste flowers can be used to decorate an array of cakes for milestone birthdays, chic weddings and sophisticated afternoon tea parties.  There are a wide range of flower/leaf sugarpaste cutters on the market to suit a variety of cake designs. Our comprehensive list of flower/leaf sugarpaste cutters will make the perfect addition to your cake decorating kit and will improve your flower sugarcraft, whether you are a budding beginner or professional.


1. PME Rose Petal Cutters (Set of 4)

Roses are still a popular choice when decorating cakes. Their versatility means they can be used to decorate cakes that complement each season. They can also be used to decorate both cakes and cupcakes. This great set of 4 stainless steel rose petal cutters comes in 4 different sizes to ensure you can get a variety of roses to complement your cake design.


2. PME Medium Daisy / Marguerite Flower Plunger Cutter

Daisies make a wonderful addition to spring and summer themed cakes. By using different sized daisies in your cake design you can create a beautiful fresh feel to your cake. This great daisy / marguerite flower plunger measures 20mm wide and is great for creating small to medium flowers for cakes and cupcakes. The cutter can be used with a wide range of materials such as sugarpaste, marzipan or petal paste. It is quick and easy to use. Just roll out your paste on a on a non-stick surface or surface dusted with icing sugar. Cut the flower out with pressing the plunger and then press the plunger to release the flower. 

3. PME Large Daisy / Marguerite Flower Plunger Cutter

This daisy cutter measures 27mm wide and can be used for cakes that require a bigger daisy than the medium daisy/marguerite flower plunger cutter. This cutter should be used in the same way as the daisy/marguerite cutter in the smaller size.

4. PME Heart & Arum Lily Cutter Set

Lilies and hearts are a popular choice for romantic wedding cakes and can be used in a variety of ways to add a touch of class to your cake design. This lovely set of 3 stainless steel heart cutters can be used to cut out hearts or arum lily flower petals and includes 3 different sizes.

5. PME Flower Blossom Plunger Cutter (Set of 4)

These cutters are ideal for creating simple, quick and effective blossoms and flowers and are great tool for sugarcraft beginners and professionals. These flowers will make a lovely addition to any special occasion cake. The cutters can be used with sugarpaste, petal paste and marzipan. The set includes 4 different sized cutters ranging from 7mm wide to 25mm wide.  They are very easy to use; simply roll out your paste or marzipan, press down the plunger to cut out the flower and press and eject using the plunger.

6. PME Carnation Cutter (Set of 3)

Done right carnations used in wedding and celebration cakes can look very elegant. This great set of plastic carnation shaped cutters come in 3 different sizes and their flowers will make a sweet and simple addition for your cakes and cupcakes. To create a softened, frilly edge use a ball tool and Mexican / foam pad to create movement and a gentle frill.

7. PME Veined Ivy Leaf Plunger Cutter

Foliage and leaves complement sugarpaste flowers giving them a more realistic feel and additional detail. Ivy leaves can make a fantastic addition to Christmas cakes and winter wedding cakes. The ivy leaf plunger cutters are ideal when using with sugarpaste. A simple to tool that creates beautifully detailed leaves.

8. PME Calyx / Poinsettia Cutter (Set of 3)

Calyxs will give extra detail to your sugarpaste flowers and are idea for creating calyx's for a wide variety of flowers such as roses, daises and other blossoms. The cutters can be used with sugarpaste, petal paste and marzipan. This versatile tool can also be used to make quick poinsettias – perfect for Christmas or winter themed cakes.

9. PME Veined Rose Leaf Plunger Cutter (Set of 3)

You can make your roses look even more special and lifelike when using a rose leaf plunge cutter.  These cutters are ideal for creating simple and detailed leaves and will make the perfect addition to your roses. . The cutters can be used with sugarpaste, florist paste and marzipan.

10. PME 5 Petal Sugarpaste cutters (Set of 4)

This set of petal cutters will be a useful tool for both beginners and professionals alike. Each cutter is a 5 – petalled flower shape and can create a variety of floral designs to complement a wide range of cake designs. These cutters can be used on marzipan, petal paste and sugarpaste.