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How to Make a Simple Figure From Marzipan

"Marzipan is a sweet paste made of sugar and crushed almonds and is used to decorate cakes and is often used to sculpt figures. When compared to other types of edible modelling materials, marzipan tends to be thicker but is more pliable making it easier to use for more detailed results. This guide will walk you through the process of creating a boy or girl figure out of marzipan as well as looking at the tools that you will need."

When creating a human figure it may beneficial to determine the amount of detail as well as what style is desired. A cartoon style character perhaps used for a child’s birthday cake, might allow for less detail and the use of basic shapes such as circles and sausage shapes to create the body or arms for example. Though when creating a more detailed figure with realistic features, there is a large assortment of tools that can be used as well as moulds and you may also need to use a finer modelling material such as mexican paste, which will hold the fine shape, for example curly hair of a frilly dress, better.

Making people and animals is actually a lot easier than you may think and they are really formed using only three very basic shapes; the ball, cone and sausage. The tools you will need are also pretty basic, but as your figures get more detailed you can buy more tools to add extra details.

Creating a Human Marzipan Figure

To make a simple marzipan human figure, its best to begin by forming the body. In order to make the marzipan easier to mould, it’s best to start by kneading the material. Take care not to handle the marzipan too much as the oil and heat from your hands can cause the marzipan to become sticky and difficult to work with. Should this happen, adding a little icing sugar will help to make the marzipan less sticky.

Depending on the desired skin colour you can tint the colour of the marzipan with ideally with a food colour paste such as the paprika shade. If using a liquid colour it’s important to note that it should be used sparingly as the liquid will change the consistency of the material. Use a cocktail stick or tip of a sharp knife to add a tiny amount of the colour paste to the marzipan and knead well, adding more colour paste if needed.

After the desired color has been added to the marzipan begin, by forming the body by rolling a ball for the head and the torso. To create the legs and arms, roll the material into sausage type shapes but take care not to make the individual shapes too heavy as this will keep the shapes from staying together. If you find that the head and body are too heavy, you can roll the marzipan around Styrofoam balls.

Once the individual shapes are formed, you can either attach the pieces to each other by molding them all together or by using toothpicks. To make the facial features, it’s easiest to roll the material into thin oblong shapes to form the lips or eyes. If more detailed shapes are desired, a cel stick or modelling ball tool can be used to either draw the features or make impressions. Once the body and face are created, clothes and accessories can be created. Once the figure is done, add it to the cake by used toothpicks or thin sticks similar to the cel stick, to support the figure.